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  • Saving Account

    Open saving account at AC Bank is your best choice of short to long-term needs, it is safe, secure and readily available when you need it.

    +Features and Benefits

    • Available in 2 currencies: Khmer Riel (KHR) and US Dollar (USD)
    • Free monthly bank statement
    • Easy make payment to your business partner
    • Free transfer within AC bank account and other local banks.


    • Minimum initial deposit of USD10.00/KHR40,000.00

    +Interest Rate

    • 0.2% P.A


    +Cambodia Citizen

    • Be at age of 18 and above
    • Valid original Cambodian National Identification or passport


    • Valid Passport and Visa
    • Employment Certificate, Contract or business certificate(s) proof of current living address certified by relevant authorities, lessor or employer

    + Terms & Conditions

    • Click here to read more about General Terms & Conditions.